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Simplifying File Sharing

- Share files with confidence creating dynamic links
- Real-time access tracking over your documents and reveal all the history
- Seamlessly manage versions
- Safeguard your files with advanced security features

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Fast, Easy and Secure

Built from scratch with only one objective, be a fast and easy alternative on sharing documents online

Hosted on Google Cloud Platform, we used all the security layers that GCP offers to keep your files safe.

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Mobile First

Are you always on the go? No problem, you are good to go with our progressive web application, it means you can access your files from any device, be it a smart phone, tablet or computer.

Access Your Metrics on Real Time

Discover who accessed your files and when, empowering you with comprehensive file metrics for enhanced control and peace of mind.

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Frequent Asked Questions

GetDocShare is a web/mobile application that allows you to share files with confidence, creating dynamic links, and tracking real-time access over your documents.

It's free by now, we are in beta testing, you can pay by sharing insights about your experience.

This service was built by me, Gui Carneiro @guicarneirocom , a Brazilian software engineer with experience in large technology companies, such as Itau, EBANX and others. It's just me on my laptop and I own 100% of my sites. Which means I have no ulterior motives with your data as I don't have any big company or investor behind me telling what should I do.

We Are in Beta

Start using GetDocShare today and help to build the product that fits you :}.

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